Upload Item too large message

posted by creese • 7 months ago

No matter what size of an image, I keep getting a message from DBH saying the image is too large when I try to upload the PNG file.

I checked the file and it’s under 75 MB, but it keeps saying it’s too large.

Is anyone else having this issue?

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Gringoface Gringoface Human from United States

I’ve had that problem when my dpi was set to 600, lower it to 300 and it works.

creese creese Human from United States

@Gringoface Thank you I will try that.

GeorgiaMason GeorgiaMason Human from New South Wales, Australia

I actually had to reduce my images to 180 dpi which is what DBH suggested.. and it worked. I had mine set at 300 previously. Good luck :)

creese creese Human from United States

@GeorgiaMason thank you.

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