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Problem with Uploader?

posted by GeorgiaMason • 2 years ago

I have been trying for over a week now to upload my latest design. I have tried everything.. Int Explorer, Chrome, copy paste, drop and drag. My image is the correct size and in the correct format but it wont upload. Have left a few messages but no response. Has anyone else had a problem with this? Thanks

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@GeorgiaMason what app did you use to set at 180 dpi

Hi @dubbeddesigns. I used my Gimp program to change the dpi. Gimp is a free image/drawing program like Photoshop. Hope that helps. :)

@GeorgiaMason hello , i had the same problem , but one day i downloaded their template , and sat the design on the template size , exported it , and it works like charm now , i was surpsied.

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