Do any of you use Pinterest to promote your designs

posted by HeySayG • 1 year ago

I just started Pinterest and thought it is a good way to promote my designs. But i am just wandering if any of you guys used it too and what do you think about it?

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RebelLeaf RebelLeaf Human from Osaka, Japan

Haven’t thought of using it, but sounds like a good idea, maybe I’ll give that a shot.

HeySayG HeySayG Human from Malaysia

@RebelLeaf cool! I am trying any new things to hopefully get some exposure so let us know where we can we can find u when u joined 😬

YuliaKazansky YuliaKazansky Human from WA, United States

I don’t know if you guys managed to post on Pinterest, it seems like an old post. But I tried to post to Pinterest, and only image showing, not a t-shirt or other merchandize. So it’s useless.

photoxtee photoxtee Human from United States

It maybe a good idea. Pinterest is a place for sharing image of your design. However, its policy is hard for you to target cusomers. If you like your idea, you may test, you should make your acount be followed as much as possible.

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