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Unable to upload

posted by ADAMLAWLESS • 2 years ago

After the dashboard got the new look I can’t upload new artwork using firefox.
Is the web dept. going to do something about this. Pls let me use firefox coz I dislike other browser. Thank you.

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@designcreative- we’re currently working to resolve the issue!

Same here, I tried 3 different browsers and I’ve still been unable to upload.

I have the same problem in my store! Can’t upload any design (Chrome browser)

Hi All- This issue should now be resolved. If you’re still running into upload issues, please contact us at

Did you tried to update all browsers and applications?

Same here I tried around three times on each browser. Please do let me know if anyone knows how to resolve this issue

Hi @frankborg- Can you please send us more details and a screenshot of what you’re seeing on your end to Thanks!

Hi, I can’t upload anything with any browser. I can choose the file and it starts processing and finishes, but it won’t show the design. There is no error either. I checked the file and it’s according to your upload rules. I tried uploading with Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

I’ve having the same issue as well. Not sure if this is a new bug or what, but i have a few designs i’m trying to upload and they won’t go thru. No error pops up or anything.

Nevermind, i figured it out. It gives an error but the error disappears almost immediately, so it seems like it’s not giving one (i had to take a quick screenshot and paste it into photoshop to actually see it). It turned out to be an issue with resolution. The resolution was too low and had to be raised to 300ppi for it to be accepted for upload.

@SILENTGAMING, @CassieDBH I have the same problem

@elinakious- You’ll want to make sure your artwork is saved at 180 dpi and no larger than 75MB. If your artwork does meet these specifications and you’re still running into upload errors, please send your art file to art@designbyhumans so that we can test it out for you.

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