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posted by ADAMLAWLESS • 1 year ago

After the dashboard got the new look I can’t upload new artwork using firefox.
Is the web dept. going to do something about this. Pls let me use firefox coz I dislike other browser. Thank you.

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CassieDBH CassieDBH Staff from California, United States

@designcreative- we’re currently working to resolve the issue!

Tinkalila Tinkalila Human from New York, United States

Same here, I tried 3 different browsers and I’ve still been unable to upload.

Spieklyart Spieklyart Human from LDN, United Kingdom

I have the same problem in my store! Can’t upload any design (Chrome browser)

CassieDBH CassieDBH Staff from California, United States

Hi All- This issue should now be resolved. If you’re still running into upload issues, please contact us at art@designbyhumans.com

TeddyFranktin03 TeddyFranktin03 Human from United States

Did you tried to update all browsers and applications?

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