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teebooths DOT com
Found several of my designs on this site (and noticed many familiar designs of others on DBH as well) I’m getting really tired of this. I myself have contacted them to take all of my designs down immediately. The crazy thing is that they list their address on their site and are located in nearby Portland Oregon! So if anyone lives in the area go check them out for us!
Their address/phone is:
2246 Gateway Road Apt #6G Portland, OR 97205
Phone: 503-250-TEEBOOTHS
[email protected] DOT com https://www teebooths DOT com

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bomazu bomazu Artist from United Kingdom

I feel for you. I hate all this disrespectful art theft. It’s a disgrace.

artizan16 artizan16 Human from Pennsylvania, United States

The best analogy that I can think of that best describes this kind of art theft is a pandemic. Theft is theft and should be treated as such.

RebelLeaf RebelLeaf Human from Osaka, Japan

The worst when that happens. There’s a design of mine selling as lighters in Amsterdam. They’re selling them like gangbusters over there!

GeorgiaMason GeorgiaMason Human from New South Wales, Australia

Just tried to check teebooths page to see if any of my designs were on there and can’t find the site. I have had my designs stolen hundreds (yes.. hundreds of times) by sellers on sunfrog and thought I would check on teebooths. Hopefully they have been removed?

lauranagel lauranagel Human from Argentina

Found my design and many others at this site: aothunsneaker dot com

artizan16 artizan16 Human from Pennsylvania, United States

I too have many of my own designs ripped off, and one good option here in the US might be to contact the local attorney generals office in Prtland perhaps.

Worth a try.

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