We have 1.6 million Instagram followers - Looking for Funny Shirts to Share

posted by rushindo • 2 years ago

As the title says, we have 1.6 million Instagram followers where we share funny videos and funny memes.

Shirts with funny quotes or funny designs would be a great thing to share and promote to our followers, so I’m here looking for people that design funny shirts.

Does anyone design mostly funny shirts for a general audience?

Please share the URL of your shop if you sell funny shirts. Would love to take a look at your designs.


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BigStrib BigStrib Human from Oregon, United States

Thats What She Said “Simple design”

Bathroom Sign T-Rex Shirt

I make all kinds of shirts..I have mostly American Apparel type shirts! I could design more funny shirts or I don’t mind creating a store specifically for you to share with your audience! If you like my designs let me know I am sure we could work together! You can respond to this or email me at BlakeBigStrib@gmail.com thank you!

FutureEmperor FutureEmperor Human from NJ, United States

Side Dude Material

FutureEmperor FutureEmperor Human from NJ, United States

If you share, you can tag me @futureemperor

Fodder4UAll Fodder4UAll Human from Vermont, United States

Two Wolf Moon (three wolf moon parody):

Original Baller (hamster in a ball):

99 Problems (Jay-Z/101 Dalmatians parody):

I have another design with two Pokemon Balls and it says (Like Got Milk) “Got Pokeballs?”, but last time I tried to upload Star Wars stuff DBH went all sideways, blocked it and said that was one of three strikes (I’m not sure why, there is all kinds of Star Wars stuff on the site). Whatevs DBH. Whatevs.

Fourfreak Fourfreak Human from Auckland, New Zealand


SmileToday SmileToday Human from Georgia (GA), United States

Sorry I didn’t see your post before. If you are still looking for funny shirts, my store is http://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/SmileToday/


rimau rimau Human from Poland

Hi, here’s mine:
Still quite empty as I am literally just starting this journey, but this means that there are many, many more to come :)

superblack superblack Human from Switzerland

Here is my Halloween Shirt

HectorMexia HectorMexia Human from Mexico

This is my most funny design:

mickes000021 mickes000021 Human from United States

Still looking for fun saying t-shirts? send me a message and I’ll send you an “ad” with 1 of my designs that I think your followers might like. we could make a 50/50 deal if you’d like. Let me know!

ElArrogante ElArrogante Human from bucharest, Romania


ElArrogante ElArrogante Human from bucharest, Romania


ElArrogante ElArrogante Human from bucharest, Romania


ElArrogante ElArrogante Human from bucharest, Romania


chewbacca11 chewbacca11 Human from United States

nice designs.

artizan16 artizan16 Human from Pennsylvania, United States

Newbie here. Here’s my link. http://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/artizan16/

miggyboi miggyboi Human from Philippines

try this :) http://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/t-shirt/men/insanity-cuteness/560008/

chewbacca11 chewbacca11 Human from United States

I have some really good designs, I will send you some.

CZGraphics CZGraphics Human from United Kingdom

Hey hope all is well. Just spotted your post in the forum. I’m Really New to DBH and to the T Shirt designing business. I have a really good photo of 3 horses in the snow and they make really funny face expressions and it looks really good against a white background. I own the copyright 100%. http://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/CZGraphics/

TeddyFranktin03 TeddyFranktin03 Human from United States

For sharing your content you may use Instafollowfast service. Reply me how it works. Concerning t-shirs, there are many ideas, which you can use and do them by yourself. I can help with print if you want.

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