Love the Graphics, but. . .

posted by CyberDactyl • 3 years ago

I just received my first order from DBH. Love the graphic. I bought “Hybrid” (Owl and Octopus). Very crisp on the shirt.

My problem is the actual t-shirt is VERY thin material. I’ve had ultra thin T’s before, and can tell it won’t last but a couple dozen wearings before it’s translucent and saggy.

Is there a more premium, or better quality base T-shirt material, or all T-shirts from the same stock?

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Inked Inked Human from California, United States

I’ve never had an issue with our shirts becoming thin or saggy. I have DTG shirts I bought from DBH two years ago when we first launched the Collective that I still wear today and the shirt wears great.

There is no alternate “quality” though, we print everything on the same blank.

Sushilove Sushilove Artist from Spain

DBH tees are perfect.

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