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posted by anonym • 3 years ago

hi all! I hate to ask a dumb question but I am wondering what tshirts are used in printing and if it is the same brand for every size (consistency). Also I noticed an older forum saying it was similar to american apparel? I couldn’t find a helpful fit chart in regards to my shape and sometimes I tend to vary from xs to L in my tops…I’d hate to constantly order and return, especially if multiple tshirts brands are used.

thanks! :)

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Inked Inked Human from California, United States

Hi anonym,

All sizes for our t-shirts do use the same blank every time. We do not substitute other styles or brands into our print and fulfillment process. To answer your question regarding sizing, you can visit the link below I have posted to reference the sizing of our shirts. The numbers in the chart are in flat inches, so to compare take a shirt you currently own and enjoy the fit of and lay it flat and then measure it in the same places as indicated on the size chart and then select the appropriate size closet to your desired size.

When referencing the size chart, you want to compare to the 100% Cotton DBH Premium Tee

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