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Firstly, does anyone know if/how much I’ll be charged for VAT, import duties and taxes if I make an order to the UK? I’m a student and can not be dealing with too many extra costs!

Secondly, would you say it’s worth opting for FedEx International Priority shipping rather than FedEx International Mail? Obviously it’s much quicker but are there any other major advantages?

Thankyou :)

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While I can’t give you details on potential charges I can point you in the right direction to help you figure it out on your own:

A few things to note regarding international shipping:

1) International Priority is much faster and also much more expensive
2) international Priority will absolutely incur customs fees, VAT taxes etc. On top of that you will likely be charged an additional fee for FedEx “handling” the process of clearing your package.

Most customers do not opt for this level of service unless their package is simply very expensive and they want the peace of mind of being able to track the package from us to them or they simply really must have it immediately. Otherwise, the majority of our international customers select FedEx International Mail.

@Inked Thankyou. I’ll opt for the International Mail. I’ve been reading through the provided link and it states that the supplier must complete an accurate Customs Declaration, do you have this? And if so where is it?

Customs Declarations are generated automatically when the package is being processed.

For FedEx Priority International:
Countries which participate in FedEx EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) are transmitted customs documents electronically ahead of the package arriving. Go Paperless!

For FedEx International Mail:
We have integrated the CN 22 Customs Declaration into the FedEx International Mail label so there is no documents to misplace or lose.

Neither of these are available on the site since they are generated on the fly during shipping.

Has Design By Humans ever thought of creating a UK branch or distribution area to deal with the European/non US demand? As a UK artist I feel that sometime people/potential customers can be put off by the shipping fees.

It’s absolutely true that the potential fees you can incur from importing our merchandising can be a barrier to purchasing. As the person who is directly responsible for maintaining and improving the logistics for DBH it’s something I keep a very close watch over.

To date, the goal has been to reduce shipping costs as much as possible without sacrificing speed anymore than is absolutely needed. This in turn would lessen any potential burden a customer might encounter when clearing their package through customs.

By doing the above, we ensure that all our international customers, regardless of location, have the best possible means of receiving their merchandise if they don’t happen to live in the same country/region where we produce that merchandise. The goal of any company that fulfills and sells merchandise is getting those purchased goods from Point A to Point B as quickly and cheaply as possible. In addition to shipping international, there is also the option of setting up production and fulfillment centers around the world so that your packages get shipped from a region close to you therefore minimizing the time and cost of being shipped to you.

That is of course a much bigger task both logistically, but also operationally and everything is on the table for the future. We have an extremely high standard when it comes to both our print size, but also our obsession with quality. Maintaining those would be a key factor in any direction we take to get you what you’ve purchased.

If the packages was marked as gift we would not have any issues in uk

One thing that really annoyed me is that I had a top waiting and had to pay £11.58 in order to receive it. I had a look at the sticker for the reasoning after I received the item and its due to Royal Mail International Handling Fee which was £8.00 plus £3.58 VAT which is ridiculous meaning that the full delivery hasn’t been paid fully even though I’ve paid for tops in the past which have had no customs charge what so ever. Please get a UK branch to deal with EU distribution.

As @PizzaPeter1998 states. I too have just had to pay ridiculous charges to collect my parcel from Royal Mail. I have previously ordered without a problem. The only reason this was trapped to pay customs was because of a £7.59 missing VAT. If this was included when ordering I might have had other thoughts. Incredibly disappointed.

I just got a bill for £65 from uk customs for a order of 8 t shirts. Will use the amazon store next time but it has a reduced catalogue and lower quality t shirts

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