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posted by Jaakie201 • 3 years ago

Anyone else loving the DBH store uploader?
I think it’s really easy, starting by uploading just one file.
They did a great job designing it and I’m sure they still have their hands full with it. But if you could have some suggestions to make it even more awesome, what would they be?

For example:

- If you could determine what category is shown on your store’s landing page. (now it picks the designs in the chosen shirt color, but it would also be nice to immediately just show the mockups instead, or the art prints where there are more color choices).

- The ability to order or rearrange your work, as you already can with the store banners. (Similar as with Behance, where you can choose which project shows first).

- More shirt colors are always nice, someone suggested ‘cream’ in another topic.

- ...

Anyone else have some?

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Inked Inked Human from California, United States

Mind elaborating on your first point?

EnoLa EnoLa Human from United States

agree with the first point. like the trending topics like “zombies” “skulls” music” and such.

also i have a hard time predicting how the final product is going to be placed on the model. the result is much larger than where we place the design.

Jaakie201 Jaakie201 Artist from Belgium


With the first point I meant more control over what is shown on the landing page of someone’s store.
Was wondering what determines the background color and canvas space around the designs on that page, and if it could be changed to create a more balanced intro-page. For example, on that page I have some designs with lots of white space around them, others with almost none. Is this determined by how you placed the file in your upload file, or by how you positioned it on a shirt? Thanks for the heads up!

Inked Inked Human from California, United States

With the “Product Preview” images we began having an issue with how artwork was being previewed. Especially with the “Pocket” tees which are placed high up on the corners of the artwork boundary. We have several different places on the site which used to fetch the artwork and scale and center it for previews, most notably on the browse pages like your store and in the recommendations below each product page.

When artwork was off centered it sometimes would display poorly in these previews and on a rare occasion almost not show up at all. Recently we implemented an automated system that detects dead space in your artwork and crops it out and then centers it. This is specifically for the preview images and does not effect your product placement. This allows us to ensure that each preview image shows the majority of the artwork in the best possible format for customers to see.

This is not something you can manipulate or alter yourself.

Jaakie201 Jaakie201 Artist from Belgium

Thanks for the quick clarification!
No problem that it can’t be manipulated, makes perfect sense now.

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