Feedback on tee placement?

posted by againstbound • 3 years ago

Hey guys, I’m wondering about the last tee I posted:

I’m not sure wheter to leave it as is or make it smaller on the tee, so the design remains wholly centered. What do you think?

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yanmos yanmos Artist from Greece

It looks too big for me, maybe a little bit smaller. I don’t like rounded designs going under arms. But that’s me :)

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

I think a tad smaller maybe. This mock up is set to a Medium so on the larger sizes this wouldn’t wrap at all.

againstbound againstbound Artist from Mexico

So I changed the model and now it all shows. Loophole!

But for real, is there a way to make it smaller without reuploading?

jrtoyman jrtoyman Artist from Quezon City, Philippines

The shirt mock up and with the model mock up is different on the preview, the latter looks much bigger .
To Sir Craig; Which mock up from what I mentioned is set to medium? For me I just use the DBH art template and work my art within that size thinking it is safer for people ordering the shirts from S-3XXL that the art is still within that parameters.
BTW @ againstbound….love that art Man!!!

Thepapercrane Thepapercrane Artist from Somerset, United Kingdom

Agree with AB, would be good to change size without re-uploading. I find designs always look a bit too big on the models and you don’t see them until its all finished and too late. Might be good to be able to preview on the model before finishing?

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