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posted by DBHstaff • 3 years ago


I have an exciting bit of news today. We recently sat down with PayPal regarding their checkout experience and took the comments, complaints and compliments we’ve received over the last few months and set out to figure out something better.

PayPal has taken the complaints to heart and recently unveiled a brand new checkout experience. It’s been called “On Page Checkout”, “In Context Checkout”, etc, but it’s pretty great no matter what you call it. PayPal Express had some issues and it was relatively … Blah. We don’t do blah.

Starting today, we’ve integrated a brand new PayPal experience that is both beautiful, but more importantly clean and streamlined. Only a select few companies have been invited to use this new checkout experience and we’re happy to say DBH is one of those select few. We never stop improving and this is just one more thing to improve your shopping experience.

If you shop using PayPal or just want to toy with it, let us know your thoughts and experiences with it. Do you like it? Do you not? Let us know why! Feedback is important and we’d love to hear from you.

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XDot XDot Human from Greece

hello just ordered and tested new paypal. didnt see so much difference but in the order details says PayPal Express

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