Shipping to Canada... Anyone know if there are customs fees?

posted by jsingh30 • 3 years ago

If there were any other canadian customers on the forum and if they had to pay any custom duties on the t-shirts they ordered.

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Inked Inked Human from California, United States


Customs fees are dependent on the value of the package clearing customs. Service type does play a part, but it is not foolproof and is not a guarantee. Ultimately the only guarantee is keeping your package value (Subtotal – Discounts) below your countries threshold for duty free packages. You can also read the below link which has numerous replies by customers who have posted their shipping and receiving dates, value of their order and whether or not they incurred any customs fees. Their responses are mostly directed towards countries in Europe, but should still be helpful. I can tell you that while testing this service we only tested single shirt shipments, of which we did test Canada and single shirt shipments did not incur any customs fees during out tests. Hope this helps!

jsingh30 jsingh30 Human from Canada

OK. There is a trade agreement between Canada and US… if the t-shirts were made in the US there will be no duty… so I just wanted to check if they are made in the US?

Inked Inked Human from California, United States

None of our products are labeled Made in the USA. All our products are printed in California, but the blank materials are sourced from various companies and imported. Some of our products do carry the Made in Mexico label which would fall under NAFTA in most circumstances. Due to the nature of custom printing though, it’s not possible to give you a list of those products. When we pull blanks to print and they get tagged according to where that current box of blanks was made at so the country of origin changes often.

visereon visereon Human from Canada

yo. based on my previous orders, there is no duty or customs that you have to pay. my shirts took about 2 – 3 weeks to get here after it shipped and it showed up in my mailbox with no fees.

my order was about $20. hope i helped, take it easy.

cochino cochino Human from Canada

Never paid anything as of yet, mine all come through

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