Gold ink?

posted by Artemple • 4 years ago

Does DBH have gold ink? So for example if I want to prepare a design to get printed with gold ink, what are my possibilities or options?

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Inked Inked Human from California, United States

Is this for your Collective store?

We’ve done shirts like:

It has some similar tones. If you’re really worried about the specific tones, you can send a PNG to and we can test it out to verify the outcome if need be.

Artemple Artemple Artist from Bucharest, Romania

No, it’s not for Collective store(but good to know). I should have specified, it’s for the dayly contest, was thinking of doing something like a pattern(for an allover print) so it can be printed with golden ink and wanted to make sure there is a possibility :)

Thank you for the quick answer :)

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hello All,

Yes is the short answer.

The long answer is yes and in a variety of ways.
Gold Leaf
There is gold leaf where you print a sticky glue type material onto the tee and then lay a gold leaf sheet over that and tear it away, leaving nice shiny gold leaf. Example:
Cool effect but can be inconsistent because the leaf can crease and break up easily.

Metallic inks
Metallic inks can be printed 100% metallic. Shimmer inks are where you take a color and add a percentage of metallic ink to it to make it unique and just slightly metallic when the light hits it. Examples:

Hydro74’s The Wisdom was printed using pure metallic inks for the hoodie version of his winning tee. Looks great and is a lot more consistent than gold leaf, thats a close up in the banner above. ^
This Limited Edition version of ‘Shark with Pixelated Teeth’ featured shimmer inks on the main body and pure metallic on the single gold tooth.

You can read more about specialty inks in this blog I wrote early this year:

Artemple Artemple Artist from Bucharest, Romania

Well…Great answer, Wotto, thank you for the Big Bang Info. Allot of usefull information here for everybody.

So it seems like the possibilities are endless.
I have already submitted, moments ago, the shirt I was talking about and upon this topic was started.

Let there be light and thanx again :D

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