posted by ElBe • 4 years ago

So I just voted for a design and then realised the artist name was “98h9EDN4UFU49”. Call me paranoid, but I don’t think that’s a real person. Still, I quite liked the design, but would anybody actually choose that name? Seems a little weird to say the least.

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Inked Inked Human from California, United States

People are free to choose whatever username they desire and there are on occasion fake accounts as with every site. I’m not saying this is a fake account, just that some people are quite particular about their username and some just want to roll their face on the keyboard and finish the registration process. Either way, the legitimacy and legal ability to sell the artwork at hand is the core issue if/when it is chosen.

ElBe ElBe Artist from ---, United Kingdom

Yep, fair enough. Just seemed weird to me, that’s all.

ElBe ElBe Artist from ---, United Kingdom

Well, he just thanked me for my comment, so human it is!

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