Redo a rejected submission

posted by kenoneworks • 4 years ago

Hi everyone, I recently submitted my first design for the Diablo contest but it was rejected because I put text there, my bad, I’m sorry to all of you humans, I neglected it when I read 101’s. Here’s the thread:

I did some painting on the PSD file and came up with a different angle and converted the painting into AI and I think the result was better. I still have doubts if this new design will be accepted for the contest.

Humans, I would like to listen your thoughts and suggestions.

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Kack Kack Human from Canada

Maybe you could work on the top corners of the design so it fits better when it’ll be print (Especially for the sleeves)

kenoneworks kenoneworks Artist from Philippines

Yeah, I also agree that it’s a good thing to do that. But I really do hope this design hits acceptance.

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