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posted by Plinko • 4 years ago

Ok, so I’d like to clear this up a little before I start my design. In the terms and conditions its says that designs are limited to a maximum of 10 colours not including the colour of the shirt itself. However, I have seen many designs with blur, smudges and gradients between colours, and I’m wondering if these transitions between 2 different colours count as just two colours or a colour for every incremental change between them. I need to know this because the drawing tools on the program I use feather the edges which may count as having multiple colours when I only intend one. So I guess a better question is, can I blur/ smudge colours together and feather edges or do I have to use some sort of cross hatching technique or something if I want to transition between colours?

I hope I explained my thoughts well enough for you guys to understand. Thanks.

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wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States


There are a few answers to your question. 1. Use feathering etc and unlimited colors and this can be direct to garment printed BUT the design must be 18 × 21” in size.
2. Use 10 colors and go much bigger but not hitting seams. This will require you to use half tones or the cross hatching method you mentioned. Shades of colors will be converted by our separator to halftones anyway but if its not done by th artist the end result might look very different.
3. Use the entire front of the tee but you are restricted to 4 colors. You’ll definitely have to use halftones and cross hatching to make the illusion of more colors.
Some of our artists here are masters of using limited colors to create really varied colors. I’ll try and find an example.

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States
Plinko Plinko Human from Canada

Thank you very much wotto :) I originally had my canvas at 17.5 × 19” but I can easily change that, thanks again :)

Plinko Plinko Human from Canada

One last question, if you read this, If I decide to use only 10 colours and want to make the design bigger, what should I make my canvas size? The “Oversized” size of 19×25”?

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

That will work.

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