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posted by Elysium • 4 years ago
Hi, I live in Canada, Qc, Montreal. Every time i order some t-shirts, it always come with a customs fees ( around 15$ to 30$). I saw a post about FedEx International Mail Shipments Nobody said to have any customs fees to pay.

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wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States


Customer service will answer your question but i had to remove part of your post as it was offensive towards one of our partners. We value your opinion but please keep it clean.

Inked Inked Human from California, United States

Hi Elysium,

Rules (laws) regarding customs fees are unique to every country. Every country also doesn’t apply those rules against every package equally and this can sometimes be a benefit or a headache for a customer. Certain shipping services such as FedEx International Economy or FedEx International Priority have a much greater chance if not almost a guaranteed chance to have customs fees leveraged against your package due to how strict import laws are for carrier services who provide brokerage service during shipping.

Services like FedEx International Mail are less likely to incur customs fees because these packages are handed off to your local postal service for clearance and delivery. These packages are not guaranteed to avoid customs fees, they are simply less likely due to the hand off that occurs with the destination country. The contents, cost and shipping method all play a part in determining how likely you are to have to pay additional fees during customs clearance, with the cost of the goods being shipped being the primary factor. The lower the cost, the lower the customs fee generally. Most countries have a duty free import threshold that allows you to get small packages under a certain amount duty free.

Similarly, depending where a product is made and if it is covered under NAFTA you may also be eligible to get your package imported duty free. Since the rules and regulations vary quite dramatically from country to country, we don’t get any kind of hard and fast rule book for this as updating it would be a momumental headache, but with some quick Google searching you should be able to locate at least your countries threshold for importing goods to give you a solid starting point.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.

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