Designs being printed while still under voting

posted by reduce_reuse_reycle • 4 years ago

I would like to shed some light on this issue and understand as to why some designs are being printed when they are still in the voting stage.

Copule examples:

29 days left of voting:

6 days left of voting:

The list goes on…

“Once the submission is accepted the design will be available for voting for 90 days. Our community helps select the winners, so rack up those votes. Good luck and welcome to the Design By Humans community.”

I feel this is unfair for all other artists and submissions. For having had been a customer and winner of DBH I find this disrespectful and trashy. Unless there is some grand explanation and reason as to why this may happen (other than they’re gonna win anyway), I’ll be looking elsewhere to buy / submit work

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wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hi reduce_reuse_reycle,

Thanks for posting. Here at Design By Humans we know when a design is an instant winner! Why? Because between us we have years of experience in the industry. Also if the community goes nuts over a design and that is always a great indicator it’s going to be a success. If a design is racking up many votes and causing a nice buzz we know it’s likely to be a good en’.
In the past once selected designs could take up to 9 weeks from selection to be featured on the site. Since upgrading our printing both digitally and for screen printed goods it means we can turn a submission into a product very fast.
The 90 days is merely a legal time span that we request copyright on temporary basis to secure votes and feedback. We have experienced issues with people submitting the same design to many sites so acting quickly helps to alleviate any legal issues.
Finally, Why make the artists wait? They have worked hard on their submission so let’s get that product up for them asap and let’s get them paid. They earned the money, why make them wait 3 months for it?

I hope this answers your question and sheds some light on our methods. I am not sure what is “disrespectful and trashy” or “unfair” about this procedure but I am more than happy to discuss this further. Thanks again for starting a worthwhile discussion.

reduce_reuse_reycle reduce_reuse_reycle Artist from New York, United States

@wotto Thank you for your quick response! I understand what you’re saying and now know what the reasoning is behind my concern. I agree that there are “instant winners” and some designs quickly rack up votes. What bummed me out was the fact that my design was submitted the same day as “Ready For Battle” and when I saw 7 days left of voting for that design and my design, I let friends know to get their votes in if they haven’t, for there was “only seven days left!” But it was the next day, I noticed “Ready For Battle” was printed. What I felt was that I didn’t get a fair amount of voting time. Now, I’m not saying my design was gonna rack up another 30 votes in 7 days, but I feel that’s what this site is about: the promotion of a design, the suspense of waiting to be chosen, and the surprise of who does eventually win.

Now, I may be confusing myself with the voting process and who eventually wins. This may clear it all up for me… If 10 designs are submitted one day and are up for voting the next 90 or so days, are they competing against each other? For instance, out of the “150” designs that are submitted on July 25, only one of those will be printed? Or is this not the case?

Again, I really appreciate the response and willingness to help me figure this out! Also, I mean no disrespect towards DBH, just was a little disappointed with my original thoughts. Thanks

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hello reduce_reuse_recycle

No worries I am here to help.
OK to clarify. Designs are submitted and they get 90 days. Everyone is competing against everyone, not just the people who submitted the same day as you. Some designs are obviously a big hit after 2 days others take the full 90 days to get enough exposure for people to get excited about them. We choose accordingly. Also we never say never to all designs, trends come and go and designs fall back into favor with the community sometimes months after the 90 days pass. Here is an example:
This recent winner was submitted a whole year ago but because of a trend for sketchy painted art we selected it way after it had finished voting. So the 90 days is a legal hold but we are always looking for great art and we always look through the old catalog. Here we give people an opportunity to tell us what they think we missed or should print now:

Always looking and always referring to ALL submissions new and old to ensure we get the very best.

The 90 days is confusing to some people but it is a necessary legal step we have to have. Some people think once the 90 days is up their design is doomed. That’s not the case, it just means you can legally take it elsewhere and try it out there. Votes help a design but do not solely dictate who wins, if they did we’d be out of business. Why? Because people falsely vote, fraud vote and ultimately votes do not always result is sales. We have to sell tees or we might as well close up.

We may choose 6 design from one days submission, we may choose none. We may choose a design 3 days old or exactly 90. We recently choose some designs from 2008, 2009, 2010 because the art was pretty awesome and ‘on trend’. So we always go by never say never and what we believe is on trend, popular, cool, fits our brand and will print like a dream.

It’s not simple but it works. BTW I love your chairs design, I remember that printing back when I was a participating artist. Simple but very cool.

reduce_reuse_reycle reduce_reuse_reycle Artist from New York, United States

Clears it up completely! thanks for the conversation!

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

No worries, happy to help.

myargie22 myargie22 Artist from Philippines

this is interesting…=)

myargie22 myargie22 Artist from Philippines

i have one question though…i started here with 50 days being the holding time why did it change to 90 days now? isnt it too long esp i feel like few people look onto the old designs since almost everyday or every other new day…new designs are coming?

myargie22 myargie22 Artist from Philippines

60 days not 50***

Inked Inked Human from California, United States

90 days gives us a lot more flexibility in choosing the right designs at the right time. This prevents us from being arbitrarily constrained by a self-imposed deadline of any kind for the most part. Even so, as Wotto pointed out above we’ve recently selected designs that were submitted to the SOTD contest as far back as 5 years ago. So we definitely take passes through old submissions to see if there is anything that stands out now as opposed to back then, such as an emerging trend that wasn’t around or strong enough back then to warrant a specific piece of art but does now.

Wotto has a good memory for old submissions that caught his eye. I wouldn’t worry too much about “people” looking at old submissions.

theMonthOfJuly theMonthOfJuly Artist from South Africa

Great to get some ‘behind-the-scenes’ insight into the selection process and voting period.

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