Small or medium? Too tight or too long. I can't decide.

posted by umptimpl • 4 years ago

I got tons of new plain t-shirts and threw away all my very worn and old ones. I thought I’d buy some new marked t-shirts too.

I’m 1.80 m guy (70.9”) and thin. The new plain t-shirts I’ve now (which feel a bit too long, ~1”) are ~70 cm (27.6”) high and 52 cm (20.5”) wide. The hight put the bottom of the t-shirt a bit below the middle of the zipper. This is before washing.

My chest width (from armpits) is ~48 cm (18.9”).

Looking at the chart a small t-shirt would be ideal, at least before washing. But I’ve never thought much about width when shopping t-shirts, I hardly shop clothes as I kinda hate it (at least IRL) :). If the small shirts would shrink at most 5% that’d make them ~45.9 cm (18.1”). Wouldn’t that be quite tight fit (chest width 18.9”)? Which I isn’t that good looking considering I’m thin and I’ve never been into tight fit clothes. On the other hand the medium t-shirts are far too long IMO. Any ideas?

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XDot XDot Human from Greece

i would suggest you medium..
they are a bit long before wash, but after wash(guess not after only 1 wash) they shrink down to 68-70cm long so they are fit.

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States


I would suggest Medium also. I buy XL and wash them warm and they shrink by about an inch making the tee a perfect fit for me. You can always return the tee too and get an exchange so maybe testing it out with a $9 tee first might be a worth while exercise.

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