My Brandnew Purrrate!

posted by CarolinaInBerlin • 4 years ago

Hi people,

i want proudly present my Brandnew Illustration.
Cats are so funny, so i made a Purrrate.
Hope you like it and give me some Votes and ccomments.
I illustrated this guy with a Tablet & Pen in Illustrator (Adobe) which i really Love Ai is great, always discover new functions.

Take a look, and say what you think (polite and kind if possible :))


Thank you for stopping by

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CarolinaInBerlin CarolinaInBerlin Artist from Berlin, Germany

The attempt to get in contact with you has failed.

Maybe it’s my fault, i thought thats a community for all to communicate…....together…....what a disappointment.

JeffDBH JeffDBH Staff: Head Geek In Charge from California, United States

I like it! Welcome to DBH.

pinkstorm pinkstorm Artist from Philippines

Welcome to DBH Carolina! Love the textures and artstrokes you did with this design. :)

CarolinaInBerlin CarolinaInBerlin Artist from Berlin, Germany

Thank you :)

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

This is a cool concept and I think with some work it could be a greta design. You have used quite a few colors here which I think is unnecessary. I think the cat would be more interesting in all black and white. I also think the design ends a bit abruptly at the bottom. It might also be cool to have a background, maybe a silhouetted part of the ship? Maybe add a hat or a parrot and really push the concept.
The facial expression of the cat is excellent and I really like the texture you create with your lines. This is a good starting point but I think you could push this even further. Good luck with the submission.

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