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posted by ADAMLAWLESS • 4 years ago

We all knew some art were selected for SOTD in 3 months. Some lucky ones were selected within 2 – 3 days after submission and I am happy to see a 6 month submission got printed recently; meaning every art we submitted still stand a chance to win. So if you wanna quit – just don’t. Keep pumping in good art. All the best to everyone.

Here is one example:
Contemporary Slasher
by roncabardz from Cebu, Philippines

Hope this link works:-

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dominantdinosaur dominantdinosaur Artist from Australia

fingers crossed xD

Outcast84 Outcast84 Artist from Philippines

inspiring post Adam!

For me, i think a good motivation to be able to keep pushing is “growth” rather than profit. we may not notice it that often, but whenever we post artworks, we always try to beat our old work. subconsciously, we are constantly improving, line by line, stroke by stroke. so that when the glorious day comes and we receive a “winning artwork notification” email, we can tell ourselves, we truly deserve it.

That way, we don’t just gain money, we gain self respect.


ADAMLAWLESS ADAMLAWLESS Artist from Johor Bahru, Malaysia

@Outcast84 well said! That’s more than words can say… !!!

jun087 jun087 Artist from Ipoh, Malaysia

my last print was selected after a years..

TenTimesKarma TenTimesKarma Artist from Philippines

I never won anything here on DBH but i’d still like to thank DBH because joining the daily contest has really improved my designs over the years. Looking at my first subbed design all the way to my latest submission. I can really see my improvement. That alone makes me a winner :)

ADAMLAWLESS ADAMLAWLESS Artist from Johor Bahru, Malaysia

@jun087 whoah! that is news, u must be so surprised receiving that SOTD notification then, kongratz! :-)

ADAMLAWLESS ADAMLAWLESS Artist from Johor Bahru, Malaysia

@TenTimesKarma precisely, yeah…agreed, that too a winner, keep it up!

graphicollapse graphicollapse Artist from garut, Indonesia

i never win but i will never submit all of my entry that had been submitted here to another site after 3 months.. :D i love to be here to improve my technique… :D and maybe someday i will get print here after my artwork becomes great :D

Aquamarine Aquamarine Artist from Manila, Philippines

I actually agree with Outcast and everyone, subbing continuously somehow makes us improve what we lack from our past subs, experiment on it and play around with different techniques to create a much improved artwork. I am amazed by this site most especially with the artists. I was windblown by your designs! I hope someday, i’d be able to make a name for myself as well. #feeling inspired

ADAMLAWLESS ADAMLAWLESS Artist from Johor Bahru, Malaysia

such positive people, hope u get SOTD soon, best wishes!

CharcoalGreyArt CharcoalGreyArt Artist from Land of the Forgotten, Philippines

who would have known that this simple topic could gather such humble artists and share their perspectives. I am sure that one day, these artists above my post will make it. you deserve it guys

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