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posted by DBHstaff • 4 years ago

Hey everyone,

We’ve seen many packages get delivered well within the 1-4 week window thus far, but I’m not content just hitting the average delivery time. I would like to begin some refinements of the service and this requires us to have some hard data that I need your help to collect. If you have made a purchase on or after May 24th of this year using our FedEx International Mail shipping service and you’ve already received your package I’d love to hear from you. My goal is to get delivery times down to 2 weeks on average (faster is preferable), but I’ll need your help! The following information would be incredibly helpful as we work to increase delivery speeds of the service for you.

Order Number
Ship Date (If known, If not it can be looked up easily)
Received Date (Must Have)

If you don’t feel comfortable posting you are welcome to send your information to and it will get routed to me. Shipping destination and address I can pull from the order so no need to include it. Order Number and Date Received are key though to make this process go as quickly as possible.

Thanks for helping us to help you!

— Inked

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XDot XDot Human from Greece

Order #423206 (content 10 T-Shirts)
Order Placed: 03/26/2014
Shipped On: 03/29/2014
Arrived on: 04/22/2014 (date written on package)
Received on: 04/24/2014 from local post office
Shipping Method : FedEx International Mail
Shipping Costs: $10 international
Went Thru customs : YES
Customs Taxes : NO :)

miguelse miguelse Human from Chile

Im have been waiting for almost 9 weeks for 3 t-shirts…. still waiting
You guys could at least give a better support in the support web Disapointed at the moment with my first order

Mar 02th, 2014 —-> when I paid them #413689 ——> order number

Inked Inked Human from California, United States

Have you contacted about your order? They would be the ones best suited to help you with your order.

jfrouleau jfrouleau Human from Canada

Old thread, I know, but I wanted to share.

ORDER #528500
Order date; 15th of August 2014
Ship date; 20th of August 2012
Received date; 03rd of September 2014.

I ordered one shirt (value 24$), shipping was free with an ongoing promotion at the time (I live in Canada).
My total custom charges are 17,12$ for a shirt that I’ve paid 24$. You read that right, 17.12$ custom charges. FedEx are ridiculous with these charges, you’re better off using USPS.

Customer service was contacted, nothing they can do, package will be refused and sent back.

marzzz21 marzzz21 Human from Philippines

FedEx just charged me $40.06 for custom charges. The package was worth $96.00. You guys should switch to USPS.

Ch0nger Ch0nger Human from Malaysia

Order #1549088.
Order placed on 17 June 2017
Order shipped on 1 July 2017
I waited 31 days and there is still no sign of my package . Could the package be lost ? Please help

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