Concern over small shirt size

posted by UnknownXV • 4 years ago


I just found out about this site and wow, there are some fantastic shirts here, the designs are outstanding and I’d really like to get quite a few, already have 6 chosen out.

I’m a bit concerned over the size though, I have this issue a lot when buying clothes as I am a small guy (5’6” tall and 130 lbs) so shirts never seem to fit me right. The size chart lists small shirts as being 28 inches long. Measuring from my neck down, this reaches well past my hips.. am I measuring it wrong or are small shirts really that long?

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Inked Inked Human from California, United States

Measure from the top of your shoulder at the edge of your neck. Our tees are more on the fitted side and are a bit long to give you a more relaxed look. Unless you just have a really long torso they should fall past your waistline a bit.

XDot XDot Human from Greece

as i have experienced with the tshirts i have bought, yes most of the tshirts are long on length.
i basically am 1.76-1.80 m (5 feet 9-10 inches i guess) and medium shirts are a bit long cause i dont have a very long torso like basketball players(lol) ..
also 100% cotton t-shirts shrink approximately 3-5 percent in both the length and width after being washed
so if its 29 inches(73.7cm) the medium it might shrink 2.2-3.6 cm so i guess after washing they seem more fit.
if its small 28 inch(71.1cm) then it might shrink 2.1-3.5 cm , so check what Inked told u.
here is a foto of a tshirt

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