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posted by gaseousclay • 4 years ago

sorry if this has been rehashed over and over again, but i’m experiencing confusion over the sizing of the DBH premium tees.

Should I buy my normal size or go 1 size up? I normally wear a size large for non-ringspun shirts but wear a size up for ringspun, so if it’s an AA blank I wear an XL. From what i’ve read the Premium blanks are pretty big, so should I stick with a size large? Thanks.

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Inked Inked Human from California, United States

Hey gaseousclay,

It’s not an AA blank, but it is 100% cotton so going a size up to an XL wouldn’t be a bad idea. You might be able to get a more accurate measure if you visit our Size Chart

The shirts in the chart are measured in flat inches, so if you take a shirt you like and lay it flat and measure it you should get an accurate comparison for your size.

Are the premium blanks similar to AA blanks? if they are then i’ll order 1 size up but if it’s a looser fitting shirt I may stick to my usual size

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

The blanks are very comparable to AA and they have the same amount of shrinkage too. I wear XL and I wash my tees warm (washing cold is recommended) and that shrinks them down a bit. I’d go XL but Inked is right check out the size chart.

katelewis18 katelewis18 Human from California City., United States

I suggest you to stick with your basic size i.e, large and if you change the size for AA blank it might not be comfortable for you and then you might have to change it again.i shop shirts for my husband he wears XL size as this size suits his body.

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