So fast shipping

posted by XDot • 4 years ago

Wow, recieved the order i had done on 7 april which was shipped on 9 only 9 days..
international order says it takes 3-5 weeks..
how is this even possible?
i remember my first order was recieved after 1-2 months.
this is epic

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Inked Inked Human from California, United States

Hey XDot!

I’m happy to hear you got your package so quickly! We have a phenomenal warehouse and shipping team who works quite hard to ensure that orders go out as quickly as possible.

As far as how it’s possible … Well we’ve been testing a new method of delivery called the Canine Advanced Delivery System™ (CADS) using amazing animals like Romy (pictured below). We put your order in one of her side packs and give her your address and send her on her way. It’s like a modern version of the homing pigeon!

Okay I’m joking, but it sounds like an awesome idea right?! When you have an amazing shipping team, you address your order clearly, don’t leave anything out and have a fantastic local postal service to make final delivery, even the impossible is possible!

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

I am behind the CADS idea 100%.

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