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posted by jesssss • 6 years ago

Im doing a poll on which tablet to buy next weekend and I was thinking of the bamboo. I desired the wacom but that is just not going to happen at the moment.(: Since college year is almost up, Ill have enough free time. I find it frustrating starting on paper :/


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Bamboo Splash! Fits you well and cheaper for a starter like you :) Please don’t tell me u like Cintiq better.. O.o lol!

>:/ UU kno I do =[ i find it harder drawing on a screen and looking onto a monitor because id draw off the bamboo screen :/

so u got ur answer. there… buy a cintiq. lol

but im brokeee i need a well fitted tablet for someone on a budget :/

seems like the bamboo splash is one of the cheapest one available in the market with good quality. I’m still using my old pen and touch up until now and it still works fine. :)

Okay - ty

You know bamboo IS a wacom, right? Wacom is a brand and bamboo is one of the models.

Anyway, it may feel weird to draw on one thing and look at another thing, but it really does get less weird the more you do it. If you can type without looking at the keyboard then you can also get the hang of drawing on a tablet. I think a lot of people get tablets, find it awkward, then after a few tries give up on and think it’s just not something they can do. Which is unfortunate because it’s such a useful tool that would really help their production if they gave it more time.

Yes, what I meant is I wanted the wacom cintique, but thats something I have to work up to. (: Well said example, I can type without looking at the keyboard actually. Thanks for your advice towards my aspiration curly fries (:

I’m using intuos5 small at the moment and it’s sweet! You really don’t have to buy a very expensive drawing tablet Jess. Cintique are mainly for professionals who really needs it. But if you look at the practical side, any wacom tablet will do. It will still matter on the wielder.

Trust me, it’s wiser to buy a drawing tablet and use the rest of your dough to upgrading your computer. :)

it’s Cintiq* not Cintique :)))) I was typing Mystique on another post. Lol.

I’ve brought the XP-Pen Star 06 wireless painting tablet for my home set-up, I have an wacom intuos pro at my working place, it’s obviously a great tablet!

But if it’s for fun, go for a cheap XP-Pen , the only thing that’s missing is the tilting of the pen, which i never use (may not be your case) the quality is good,gonna be enough for a couple of years, if it’s serious, and you want to dedicate your time on your drawing skills, Pay the premium of a wacom!

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