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posted by mmobed • 4 years ago

Hey everyone came across this site and I absolutely love these shirts and after looking at the sizing guide I’m still having difficulty figuring out if it’s true to sizing and etc. I guess the best comparison I can go with is a Large in a Hanes shirt, would a Large 100% Cotton DBH Premium Tee be a match or risk drowning in an XL?

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wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hi mmobed,

I would risk the XL, the Hanes tees are heavy and don’t shrink too much. Our 100% cotton tees won’t shrink to much especially if you wash cold. If you get the XL and it’s a tad big just wash it on a warm cycle and you’ll see some shrinkage. If it’s a non-collective or sale tee you could return it for an exchange. I buy XL’s and wash them warm usually.

mmobed mmobed Human from United States

Thanks! I went ahead and changed the order to XL, my issue was that Large shirts are usually a perfect fit across most brands with an exception of a few such as H&M tee shirts which fit at XL. They were all also sale or collective shirts so no returns for me.

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