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posted by N-RI • 4 years ago

I can not send my design, the settings are correct but I always get the message: “Invalid image uploaded. Please follow all guidelines in the template.” I work with illustrator but all images are saved in jpg (for settings see photo ) and sizes are: 320×240 pixels (84.6×63.5 mm) for the first image and 640×480 pixels (169.3 ×127 mm) for the other two.

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N-RI N-RI Artist from Italy

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hi N-RI,

From your photo it is difficult to see what size you are working at because the dimensions area is covered by a pop up box. Anyway you can email the jpegs to me and I’ll tell you what is wrong. It looks like you are working at high resolution for the jpegs and that is’t necessary. I also suspect when you save it isn’t cropping the art to the art board so it is saving as the wrong dimensions. shoot me an email wotto at designbyhumans dot com

N-RI N-RI Artist from Italy

@wotto I did a new photo:

I am now preparing an e-mail with the file

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