submit a design problems

posted by denman1956 • 4 years ago

following the instruction to submit and being rejected?? right jpg format and pixels!

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wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hi Denman1956
Do you mean your art got rejected or that you couldn’t submit the art in the first place?
If your art got rejected and you are not sure why just shoot me an email or post the art here and I’ll be happy to explain why. It’s usually just a small fix. wotto at designbyhumnas dot com.

Elvedee Elvedee Human from Australia

I am having the same problem. It won’t let me submit. I’m wondering if the size of my files are too big? I can’t find anywhere what the limit is? Cheers :)

Elvedee Elvedee Human from Australia

Ha! no worries. I have finally FINALLY worked it out :D :D

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