New design and speedart video

posted by dominantdinosaur • 4 years ago

My forth design including a speedart video for it, i hope you like it.

Speed art video –

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gavind gavind Human from United States

Just a comment, I wouldn’t wear that shirt in a mall. Colors are too strong, not in a good way. Hope you take this as a positive criticism.

dominantdinosaur dominantdinosaur Artist from Australia

Thanks for the criticism. i get what you mean. i personally enjoy the colours and would love to stand out from the crowd but each to an opinion :) thank you for taking the time to view my design.

Inked Inked Human from California, United States

Your videos never fail to impress. I’m finding myself a bit in the middle here. On one hand I feel like this design/shirt wouldn’t or even shouldn’t be attempting to be subtle. I would look at it in the same light as Saquatch or Zombie Frenzy where they are bold and bright and demand attention. The only thing that stands out to me that I would change if I had the option on my own shirt would be the white border, but that’s just a preference thing. Other than that I like the color choices.

dominantdinosaur dominantdinosaur Artist from Australia

Thanks heaps inked :) thanks for the feedback guys!

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