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posted by HeftyGarbage • 5 years ago

Personally, although some of the designs seem good, it doesn’t feel very “Design By Humans”. Since it’s obviously that the artists can’t just photoshop the image they created onto a t-shirt in anyway they want. What I mean by this, is if you look at the daily contest entries and the daily contest winners, you tend to have large overall prints that aren’t directly centred in the middle of the shirt like all of the ones in the artists stores seem to be.

All of the t-shirts I’m looking at don’t seem to have that unique touch that I specifically shop at DBH for. It feels like these artists could have just uploaded their designs to like, or some other “Make your own t-shirt” site.

I don’t feel like I’m describing how I feel about this correctly, but this is my attempt at it. I think it would be a good idea if they artists had free range design like they do in the Daily Contest, then would submit the images to DBH, DBH prints a copy of the shirt the way the artist wants it to look, and the post up pictures of it. Not a stock image of a model with the design just placed on top.

Basically, it feels like the daily contest is still going to have the best and most astounding shirts produced.

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HeftyGarbage HeftyGarbage Human from Canada

A perfect example of it is this shirt write here

I can’t find the original that was up for voting a couple weeks ago, but the artist clearly had a vision of a giant overall print, but instead was stuck with having it shrunken down and, at least in my opinion, has now produced a MUCH less awesome shirt. The one that was up for vote was one I voted for, cause it was legitimately an amazing design, as well as placement on the shirt. The one that’s for sale however, feels like it fails to deliver at all.

I’m not trying to be rude here DBH, I’m just giving my honest feedback of what I think. I really wish the artists could place the images on the shirts the way they originally intended, because I have a feeling there would be a TON of them I would buy.

Bedplay Bedplay Human
I entirely agree. In fact as a infrequent poster in the forums I came to post the same sort of thing. It’s strange because I love the art and I love the site, but it feels like the collection of shirts lack the same quality, and also many of the designs lack the same soul and winning quality of contest shirts. I really just hope that the dbh brand doesn’t suffer as a result of this. I can honestly say dbh is my favourite clothing manufacturer by far, I just hope that the quality of other shirts doesn’t decrease. With love from the UK, Joe
thestray thestray Artist from United States

Well maybe I’m biased because I’m one of the artists, but I completely disagree. If you don’t like the shirts, hey to each their own, but the mockups really don’t do the shirts justice. I don’t think they lack the same soul or winning quality of the contest shirts.

Those are just a handful of the samples we were shown and in my opinion they’re just as good as anything that’s won the daily contest. Keep in mind that this initiative is still in it’s beginning stages and things will be improved. These are DTG garments that are printed on demand.

Also, this is a great opportunity for the artists involved, and I can’t speak for the rest of them but I’m already seeing sales. It’s not replacing the contest shirts. It’s a supplementary thing for the artists.

HeftyGarbage HeftyGarbage Human from Canada

I’ll say a couple of those look cool in the pictures you displayed, but look at this drastic difference from what we’re shown, to what your saying is what really prints:

And that’s causing a very heavy “un-DBH” vibe from them. I really do stand by my point then that the artists should do a mock-up of their design like the already do in the Daily Contest, send it to DBH, DBH prints a copy of the shirt the way it’s supposed to look, and then post up those pictures of it on the page selling it. Again, clearly a stock image of a model with the design just placed on top isn’t cutting it. Since it really does not do any justice at all to the shirts, and for at least me personally, doesn’t do anything in the way of making me want to buy it. Example of this is, in the image I posted, I would more than likely buy the shirt on the left, but definitely not the shirt on the right.

HeftyGarbage HeftyGarbage Human from Canada

Also, I’d like to point out, unrelated to this topic, I want your Return of the CerBEARus! so incredibly bad and wish it had reprints :P

thestray thestray Artist from United States

Like I said, this project is in the beta stages, things will be improved. DBH is well aware of this, it was already brought up and they intend to improve it come phase.

As for having artist do a mock up, send it to DBH, DBH prints a copy of the shirt… that’s just too impractical, probably not even possible, and limits our ability as artists to add products in a quick and timely manner. But they’re smart dudes, and they’re aware of the mock up issue and I’m sure they’re working on an elegant solution. For now this is the best we’ve got though. Let’s try to be a little more positive.

HeftyGarbage HeftyGarbage Human from Canada

I honestly know very little to nothing about printing shirts, so I had no idea it was impractical. In my head it seemed like a very logical way to go about solving this mock-up problem. What makes it so hard and impractical? Wouldn’t designing something and e-mailing it to DBH take the same amount of time as designing and then uploading to whatever program you guys are using? Sure, your shirts wouldn’t be up ASAP for sale, but I feel if you waited the extra day or two, or even week, for a true print of what it really looks like, you’d have significantly more buyers and that it would be a win for everyone. But I honestly don’t know since I’m not an artist nor work at DBH.

And you’re right, I should be a little more positive. DBH has always done really well so far in my book. I guess I was just kinda hyped out for this event when it was posted at midnight, then again when it was shown it was a store that had multiple different shirts of a bunch of my favourite artists. I was honestly ready to buy a bunch, but after seeing what the mock-ups look like (I honestly, went through virtually every artists shirts to try and find a couple I really liked), I was completely turned away. That really sucked for me. Especially since some of those designs look amazing, but their size/placement on the shirt looks awful.

I really do hope DBH fixes this problem soon so we can all see what a true print would look like,and so I can start getting some awesome shirts being shipped to me.

thestray thestray Artist from United States

What makes it impractical is that DBH would have to be constantly print out and photographing shirts every time one of their artists (25 of us for the moment) uploads one, and each one of us for the time being is allowed 12 shirts in our store. That’s about 624 shirts they’d be printing out altogether, and then when they add more artists and allow us more than 12 products it will be even more, and that’s on top of their already existing duties with the shirt of the day winners. I’m guessing it would take many artists more than a week to have their shirts up. It’s a lot to ask, and in my opinion there’s really no need to go that far, all they really need is just a better mockup.

Also, these are DTG shirts, they’re not printed using the usual method, there’s a maximum print area. We can’t photoshop the designs on the shirt “any way we want”. Well we can, but it has to be inside the print area. Which I think is personally fine, it’s actually a pretty big print area as you can see from the actual prints, not every design needs to be all over or bleeding to the edge, if we have those designs we can just submit them to the regular contest, no prob.

In the future though you should probably direct your concerns about the shirts to an e-mail to one of the staff members, I don’t think it does anyone any favors to post this in the forum, artists are trying to create some positive buzz and make their living, so it kinda sucks to have negative buzz in the forum the day it’s launched.

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hi all,

Well this is quite the conversation starter. I think there has been some very healthy discussion here and I think you all have valid points.
Let me be very clear about how the DBHCollectives thing works. We at DBH have spent many a night around the HQ campfire thinking up ways to empower our artists, those that stick by us and treat us and the rules with total respect. We have also spent many days looking at printing and printing techniques. Too many days to be honest because I personally am a production geek and I like to know how art appears so well on tees. Anyway DBH has always prided itself on its printing, pushing boundaries and doing what other company wouldn’t try. So these two things combined made us dream up the DBHCollectives.
You see we cannot screen-print every single design submitted to DBH (I wish) but we can empower artists to showcase more of their art, make some tees using new technology and make some cash for our art folks. So we embarked on a journey that took a year and a large financial investment and we got a hold of the best Direct To Garment printing machines available to man. That was just the beginning, we then hired a mad scientist or two and tweaked the printers capabilities, experimented and got the machines to perform to our standard, much like we did with screen printing.
So we are not replacing or removing the Shirt of the day designs we are merely letting artists thrive and make their own cash their own way. The freedom of DTG allows us to do that but it also restricts the size we can print at. However we have the largest printing area I know and our color matching is pretty amazing.
The other comment that stood out to me was “another zazzle” and that makes me want to cry a little. As an artist I have tried all those otherr DTG stores and I have removed all of my accounts because the technology wasn’t there to deliver products I felt were acceptable for my friends and fans. Our technology at DBH is. I have a store and I stand by this project 100%. Have I always been a fan of DTG? Not until I saw what the new technology can do. I have been working with a DBH that has the same passion and drive to change the T-shirt industry and boy have we had some fun. Now it’s time to show you what we can do. Dramatic? Maybe but here at DBH we take our T-shirt Geekery very very seriously.

Thanks for all the opinions. We value them all. Now enjoy the wealth of new art on display and if you have any other questions I am always happy to answer or help.

Ingkong Ingkong Artist from Philippines

Just surprised with the designs i find it too small is it already printed? or just a mock up starter…

Leester Leester Human

DBH shirts are expensive, and the only reason I continually purchase them is that they are amazing. From the mockups shown the shirts in the new artist stores are a shadow of the shirts we’re used to getting, at the same hefty price.

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

@Ingkong – These are mock ups. The DBHCollective tees are printed using DTG Technology so they are printed on demand. They actually print much larger than the mock suggests and we are working on re-sizing that.

@Leester – DBH tees are priced very competitively with other online retailers. The DBH Collectives pricing is especially well priced in comparison to other people printing in this way. The shirts of the day are still available and the DBH Collectives are not replacing them. We are simply giving artists another way to sell their awesome art through DBH.

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