New here! Avatar issues!

posted by Lovell • 5 years ago

Hi Guys! Thought it was about time I got involved over here :)
I’m having difficulty uploading an Avatar. Ive tried uploading in Safari, Google chrome, and Firefox. I’m using a 100 × 100 pixel jpeg. I’ve been attempting this over the last week to no avail. It just brings up the loading wheel and nothing happens, or a pink upload line appears and still nothing happens. Anything obvious I’m doing wrong?


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wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hi Chris,

Nice to see you here. We had a technical hiccup on uploading for about 12 hours and it seems this was the issue for you. I gave you an avatar for now but feel free to replace it.

Lovell Lovell Artist from Wiltshire, United Kingdom

Cheers Wotto!
Haa nice choice, I’ll keep it as that for now!

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