Design still needs votes!

posted by jyounglove • 4 years ago

I hate being the guy to post about needing votes, but I really want to see this shirt get printed so take a look at my Mechahawk submission and either vote, or let me know what could make it better

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jyounglove jyounglove Artist from SC, United States
thats the link to my design, my bad

Rkdoo Rkdoo Artist from Bucharest, Romania

First of all asking for votes will not get your shirt printed. You can either have 100 or 10 votes, the quality of the design is the decisive factor. Second, it’s irellevant to ask for critique when the design is already submitted. Nothing you can change about it.
Not trying to come through as a jerk, but making a thread about “vote for me to get printed” doesn’t do well for your credibility as a designer.
Keep up the work!

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