posted by JulianStarks • 5 years ago

It seems like there is no point to post work here and ask for feedback, Seems like that’s really not what this site is about. I guess I’ll just design tees and beg for likes like everyone else

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ORabbit ORabbit Artist from NY, United States

I feel you. I’m new here too, and I hoped to get some feedback so I could home in on the DBH style. It’s a little discouraging not to get much response. Oddly though, just posting a design makes me look at it more critically and improve it on my own, even without feedback.

On another note, is it OK to submit multiple versions of a design? Like say alternate color schemes and such?

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hi Guys,

It’s hard for a lot of artists to offer feedback when there is a post almost everyday. It isn’t pointless, I have seen some designs progress very well from critiques given in the forums. Remember most people are lazy so your post should have a picture of your design and a clickable link.
The best way to gauge what sells well and gets printed here is to look at the Most Wanted section of our site, these are the designs that are requested for reprints a lot or is very popular. This is the level all artists should be striving for.
Also begging for votes annoys a lot of other artists and usually means less votes in the long run.
We prefer it if you use the placement image to show the design on a few colors rather than posting the same design duplicate times.
Best of luck with your work and always grow, that’s the key to become a great tee artist.

JulianStarks JulianStarks Artist from DMV, United States

@ORabbit Yea, I definately agree with you on that, just posting my work and being able to look at it from a different angle really does help me critique myself a little better! My goal is just to improve as an artist and its just nice to have others opinions on your work and where to get better, but i’m going to keep the design grind alive and I know you’ll do the same

JulianStarks JulianStarks Artist from DMV, United States

@wotto thanks a lot for even taking the time to respond, I would never beg for votes, I know it’s corny as hell. I do understand the whole process of getting involved and having to wait on others to respond, when I’ll do posts for now on i’ll make at as easy as I can for everyone by including all necessary link, etc. I really appreciate your feedback on this matter

BCHC BCHC Artist from Seychelles

There are times when I feel like giving a critique, but then I stop myself because I realize that I would sound like an asshole. It’s just too easy to find faults in other people’s work.

Moreover, I’ve been told that a lot of people go by the “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything” motto. Meaning that even no feedback is a kind of feedback.

thestray thestray Artist from United States

@BCHC Well, there’s a big difference between honest feedback and being an asshole. No matter what your criticism is of a piece there’s always a respectful and courteous way to say it. So by all means, if you feel like giving someone a critique give it, that’s why people post their designs in the forum, they’re looking for feedback.

@JulianStarks I understand your frustration, the forum used to be a little more active, I think a lot of regulars just got busier and don’t check in as often. I know that’s the case with myself.

I also think often once one person comments on a design they say all that really needs to be said and there’s nothing useful to add.

Nikoby Nikoby Artist from FL, United States

@thestray, I agree. And yeah, a couple years ago, people used to be very active in the forums.

BCHC BCHC Artist from Seychelles

Ah, it’s the internet, people will always find a way to get offended.
In many cases the most helpful critique would be “Forget about this design, delete it and make a new one”, but who wants to hear that.

ORabbit ORabbit Artist from NY, United States

@BCHC I would love to hear “Delete it”, rather than spend more hours reworking something that’s DOA. Sometimes it’s hard to be objective with something you’ve been staring at for a while. Even a harsh criticism beats silence.

JulianStarks JulianStarks Artist from DMV, United States

@thestray @Nikoby @BCHC @ORabbit it’s funny but this ongoing conversation just about critiques (the proper way to give them and the mixed reception of them) is the perfect example of how dope this site is, and can be, it’s just an ongoing conversation about ART!!!

Sorry if I got cheesy, it’s just nice that the golden age of art forums isn’t all the way behind us b/c I would be pissed if I missed it!

BCHC BCHC Artist from Seychelles

I vaguely remember a thread on how to give good critiques. Not sure if it was here or somewhere else. Possibly by Jimiyo, or maybe Wotto?

“Sometimes it’s hard to be objective with something you’ve been staring at for a while. “ – Yes, that’s exactly what happens. When you’re done with a design, you think it’s great, but then the first person that comes along immediately notices a bunch of mistakes. The artist then tends not to listen, and get mad, because he simply doesn’t see it at that point in time. At least that’s how it works for me: sometimes it takes me weeks or months or even years to notice that one of my designs sucks.

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