Serendipitee - What did you get?

posted by DBHstaff • 5 years ago


The hundreds and hundreds of Serendipitee tees have been shipped. We had a really mixed bag of tees that went out, some very rare exclusive pieces and some tees not even released on the site yet. What did you get? Post a link or picture of your grab bag tee here.

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gavind gavind Human from United States

Sweet. Simple and elegant.

I think i did ok, i got “what if…”, “the last hero”, “imagine”, “time to say goodbye” and “Limited edition B-shirt”
I’m looking for “pices beauty” and “the sexy mob” if anyone wants to trade

NeonTiger NeonTiger Artist from Portugal

I got a batman tee :)

p0werline p0werline Human

I got a batman tee also, “darkness falls”. Id really like the Bane tee if someone wants to trade.

zeroduality zeroduality Human from United States

Got “What If…”, “Last Hero”, and “Enjoy the Aurora” in Women’s Medium, looking to trade or sell

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