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posted by RaynStargaze • 5 years ago


my order just arrived and it`s quite a bit bigger than i expected.(could`ve/should`ve seen that one coming..)

I wondered if there is a somewhat safe way to shrink your shirts without damaging the prints?

I remember washing a shirt from a german company that (i think) used the same printing method at 40 degree celsius and the print washed off quite a bit :(

As far as i found information on it, shrinking usually involves high temperature washing/drying so i`m not quite sure what to do.

Maybe if i only let it soak in warm water without the actual washing and put it in a hot dryer afterwards??


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Chaoticnight Chaoticnight Human from United States

Hey FK,

I bet soaking in hot and drying it hot would work, if you are willing to try it. Or else you may just want to exchange it for a smaller size as DBH requires shirts to be unwashed and unworn to return. (I found that info on my packing slip, it’s probable in the FAQ too.) I can tell you from my experience with other tees, washing in hot and drying on hot shrunk them about an inch or slightly more. That wasn’t a DBH tee though. I did try washing “Grasp”(DBH) in cold and drying on hot, and that did nothing. So it seems in order for them to shrink at all, you need to wash/soak in hot and dry on hot. But DBH has different types of shirts , not all 100% cotton (the 50/50 perfect), so you’ll probably have to experiment like I’m doing to find how much you can shrink them down.

Chaoticnight Chaoticnight Human from United States

Oh , I apologize, I missed part of your question. The non DBH shirt that got washed in hot and dried on hot came out fine. No damage to the print. That was screen printed as well, but I don’t know if it was the same type of screen printing as DBH-I’m not too familiar with printing. But I’m sure someone more knowledgeable can answer you on that. “Grasp” dried on hot as I said came out fine too. But that could be b/c I washed in cold.

Chaoticnight Chaoticnight Human from United States

Ps- I made a mistake. My packing slip does not say a tee must be unwashed and unworn. I saw that in the “Shipping and Returns” under “Information” at the bottom of the site.

(Am I missing something or is there really no way to edit replies? )

RaynStargaze RaynStargaze Human from Germany

thanks for sharing your experience

unfortunately shipping back would take about 16 weeks and i`m not even sure if i`m still going to live in the same place in 4 months o_O


Chaoticnight Chaoticnight Human from United States

Well, I hope I could help a little at least. Ah, yes returning would be a predicament then. Sorry you’re having trouble. I just started buying from DBH and am experimenting with sizes so I know how you feel on that.

I was looking up shrinkage myself once, and found somewhere it said the shrinkage had to do with the tightening of the shirt fibers. So , even with cold washing , but high heat you should be able to get the fibers to tighten , causing shrinkage. (Ha but maybe you knew that already from your own research).

I would think cold washing would not damage the shirt. Though I noticed on some of the shirts I have , some of the ink is more on top of the shirt, (such as with “Nice to Meet You! that I just got), and some seems directly into the threads, not sitting on top. (like with “Grasp”). So that may make a difference on if it gets damaged or not on high heat. I would think the ones where the ink seems to be sitting more on top (like most screen printing), may be more at risk for melting or bleeding. On numerous high heat dries that is. So that is something to consider. But I’d love to hear an expert chime in.

Good luck if you do attempt shrinkage. And if you have a moment, let us know how it goes. :) Take care.

RaynStargaze RaynStargaze Human from Germany

Sure did help ty!

What i ended up doing for now was washing them for a short amount of time(30min) on 40 degrees and spind-drying without heat on 1400 (whatever that number refers to). I also turned the shirts inside out.

It did not damage the prints (at least for now) but it also didn`t really shrink. Maybe a little bit but that might be just my imagination. The vast amount of the print on the shirts i tried it on is superficial and i have both 100% cotton and a 50/50 mix.

I think i`ll try soaking in hot water and spin-drying next time. (but only with one shirt)

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