posted by JustPetrucci • 5 years ago

Well, after taking a little break from the DBH chaos that was/is TDKR contest (All them complainers and self promoters and such), I’ve decided to hit the drawing board and crank out them Daily Contest submissions! (Because there IS life after contest…)

So for all you gamers out there, check out my latest submission: RETRO


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McSerious McSerious Human from California, United States

I gotta say that as a gamer these all hit me in the right spot. Nice one =)

JustPetrucci JustPetrucci Artist from Washington, United States

I had to put Lunar Lander in there, that game always gets overlooked…I mean, come on! That game is pretty boss! The skill involved!

(And if you look closely, those space invaders slightly resemble Pac-Man ghosts… ;)

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