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posted by JChuppe • 5 years ago

Hey all,
My name is Jay. I’ve been a freelancer in the screenprint industry for a while, but I’m brand new to Design By Humans. My first DBH entry ever was for the The Dark Knight Rises contest. I’ve had a couple of “regular” designs accepted for voting since then, & I plan on submitting more in the near future.

I think this company has a great idea w/this site & approach. They obviously appreciate the the artistic side of this industry, and I’m not saying that to sound brown-nosey. I’m saying that because it’s true! Most every preprint tee company that I’ve done work for wants to rip the other one off and/or jump on the bandwagon of what they think is cool, so it’s really refreshing to find a company like this. (At least it will be if I ever get some designs to the printing stage). :)

I also think it’s very cool to be able to come here & meet/“talk” to other artist all over the world, & I’m really looking forward to that part as well!
In fact, I’m posting this in an effort to try to get to know some of you folks. Of course, you’re also free to check out some of my stuff too!

So, who are you guys? Where are you from? Do you have an interest in comics like I do? Maybe a creator owned comic that you’re also trying to get published like I am? Do you have any work out there that I may have seen somewhere? talk to me, people!

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Zunaira Zunaira Artist from Lisbon, Portugal

@CoDDesigns lOl I do find the whole thing really exciting. I did found my way through most of the things on the site but just like JChuppe, I don’t know about the notifications about the artists I am following : /

JChuppe JChuppe Artist from KY, United States

Yeah, but we’ll figure it out. We’re smart. Aren’t we? :)
Today I figured out that if you’re on someone’s profile, all you have to do is hit gallery to see all of the work that they’ve submitted. I’ll probably learn something else new tomorrow!

Zunaira Zunaira Artist from Lisbon, Portugal

@JChuppe lOl yeah!
I already knew about that one : P I know most of it now so Y-E-A-H! (Sort of) Putting links in posts doesn’t work for me : /
Perhaps you will, Hopefully : )

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