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posted by CoDDesigns • 5 years ago

I feel like I should have introduced myself last week but I guess I was kinda busy promoting my first submit here :) I’m fairly new to the daily t-shirt design game. I used to work in the licensed and generic apparel industry. I would crank out 3 tees a day for stores like walmart, target, macys etc.. Some would think that was an awesome job, but it wasn’t. So I quit when I found a better job but never gave up designing tees. I found when I was making tees for my own enjoyment it was a lot more fun. I found DBH a while ago when I was printed by TeeFury but I was so focused on pop-culture design that I never set aside time to sub here. If it wasn’t for this awesome book called – “Threads no Dead” I may have still been stuck in a pop-culture phase. I’m happy to be apart of this community now and kind of wish I discovered this place a long time ago! I’m always late to the party.

Side note- I always willing to help out where and when I can. So don’t be afraid to ask me.

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inkbuilder1 inkbuilder1 Human from Australia

Welcome to this forum dear,
Nice to listen about you.
Have a great time. I currently run Athletic Shop.

jun087 jun087 Artist from Ipoh, Malaysia

Welcome to DBH !

Zunaira Zunaira Artist from Lisbon, Portugal

Welcome and good luck : )

CoDDesigns CoDDesigns Artist from NJ, United States

HI everyone! Thanks I’m really enjoying this site so far. I may post my newest submit soon.

JChuppe JChuppe Artist from KY, United States

Hey man, I’m brand new here as well. As a matter of fact, not only did I post a forum topic very similar to this a sec ago, it also sounds like our careers have taken very similar paths.
I too have been doing what you did in the industry for a while now. I’ve worked for a ton of companies around the country doing the same type of work that sell to those same stores. I still freelance some of that type of stuff to pay the bills, but I’m ready to move on as well. I have high hopes to see some of my ART on tees (and by art, I mean images that I actually come up with/create on my own as opposed to the licensed stuff, etc.). I’m also excited to “meet” others like myself on here.

Just wanted you to know that you’re not the only one that feels he was late to the party. Good luck, & I look forward to seeing some of your submissions!

JChuppe JChuppe Artist from KY, United States

Oh, I will also check out the book Thread Not Dead! I just looked it up! Thanks for posting about that!

CoDDesigns CoDDesigns Artist from NJ, United States

Awsome JC! I just read your post and will comment on that when I get a chance. Currently I am designing prints, screens, embroideries and all other types of graphic work for a major outerwear fashion company. I basically help design jackets. It’s cool and it pays the bills! Something has to keep the lights on over my head when I toil about in the middle of the night on PS and AI.

It’s funny but I bet there are many more people who found out about this site and decided their first submit was going to be the TDKR contest just like us! I subbed to that contest and failed the second round – this is what I subbed – http://i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm94/sgelenter/RISE-DBH-TMock.jpg

I was pretty bummed out about it and I’m sure I annoyed the creative director about giving me a chance to resubmit. The funny thing was I am e-mailing Craig Watkins about being rejected and since I’m such a noob at this I didn’t even realize he was “Wotto” a inspiration of mine in this game. When I put two and two together I bit my tounge and said to myself I hope he understands my passion haha! He did give a very reassuring e-mail and said I should try subbing my style of work here.

So I did :) I’m happy I did too because this is the site with amazing competition and the best artists from all over the world come here to be noticed. My fire did not die with the TDKR contest.. it only just started burning!!!!

Oh and you can check out what I have subbed currently by clicking my name. I’m learning so many fun things about this site. For instance we can follow each other kind of like on society 6 or redbubble.

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