DBH vs Threadless

posted by FreyaDesigns • 6 years ago

Hi all, I recently submitted a design to Threadless to compare with the DBH experience.
I wanted to try because I liked the ideas of the smaller voting time window and how popular they seem.

After my experience I decided that, as an artist, I much prefer DBH on so many levels! – The general quality of artwork and shorts seems higher. – The DBH team is very responsive throughout the submission process and in regard to questions etc whereas the Threadless team seemed non-existant. – The Threadless voting system is quite awkward, I didn’t like at all.

Anyone else tried both and have anything to add?

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Ampix0 Ampix0 Artist from NJ, United States

I was a member of threadless before it was a shirt contest.. thing. It used to be about a video series on how to make clothing, then really became a girls only show. I had no idea it became what it is now till recently. It looks like it may be harder to get noticed around there, it is actually “too big” meaning, I don’t know how a new artist like me could possibly shine through the insane crowd, here we have a manageable size member base and a similar-ish pay. I am perfectly happy here. It is starting to look like one of my shirts has a shot at being printed and I don’t know if it would have had a shot there.

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