Organic/Recycled sustainable fabics

posted by zilcho • 5 years ago

Has there been any thoughts towards DBH using organic and/or recycled fabrics?

I’ve been buying most of my tees through DBH for the last few years but now I’m beginning to change my purchasing habits so I can lead a more sustainable lifestyle. It would be disappointing to have to leave DBH behind.

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wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hi Zilcho,

Thanks for the question. We are constantly looking at blank options and I certainly think our limited edition line could be a good way of testing out some recycled fabrics. We do use environmentally friendly (phalate free) screen printing and we recycle our misprinted tees.
If you know of some particularly good blank companies who specialize in recycled fabrics etc I’d love to check them out.

zilcho zilcho Human

Thanks for the reply Wotto. Unfortunately I’ve only interacted with local retailers but a session of searching has come up with a few leads: (These guys say they use socially responsible manufacturing)

I love the work that comes through DHB and I know that I personally would be happy to pay extra for a more sustainable shirt. Lets hope that others agree.

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