Is there any upcoming DBH Contest early this 2012...?

posted by Ingkong • 5 years ago


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7sixes 7sixes Artist from Minnesota, United States

That’s what I asked about tooooooo…I have some designs I’ve been waiting to submit but i wanna wait for a competition… :\ ive been waiting since motha f-ing august! :)

Jaxxer Jaxxer Artist from Bromsgrove, United Kingdom

Yeah, it would be good to find out

DBHstaff DBHstaff Staff: Staff from California, United States

The new year will bring many new things for DBH and we are always looking for new contests to shake things up. The latter end of this year has been dedicated to refining our website and much work here at DBH HQ. Don’t worry your designs will have a home here, here’s to 2012!!!

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