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posted by Zadarkus • 5 years ago

Hello, im new here, and I m thinking in posting some cool t shirts, but I have 1 question I didnt find the answer really clear.

Does DBH select 1 t shirt everyday and give a prize of 1000 Dollars?

Example : I Upload my T Shirt, and during the 90 days, I can win 1000 dollars once if it is voted the most that day, or the most voted in total?

Please help to understand the Daily T Shirt contest.

Thank You

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Phoenix77 Phoenix77 Human from Utah, United States

The voting is more just a feel for DBH on how many people would buy the shirt and is not the be all end all for who wins, often times we’ll see shirts that have 150+ votes never get printed while shirts with 30ish votes do.

Zadarkus Zadarkus Human from Portugal

Ok thats a question gone thanks :D
But the T Shirts are Printed 1 each month right?
And what about the Daily T Shirt ?

addu addu Artist from Maharashtra, India

New tshirts are printed everyday from monday to friday. When a new tshirt is printed for the first day its available for 15$ after 24 hours its back to normal price.

Zadarkus Zadarkus Human from Portugal

I see, so my t shirt has the chance to be printed everyday (monday to friday) during 90 days? if that is i got it :) please confirm :D

daletheskater daletheskater Artist from Australia

yep. that’s correct! Not on Fridays though because that’s generally a day for reprinted shirts or special DBH prints etc. not the daily contest.

Zadarkus Zadarkus Human from Portugal

Thats nice, since I do go to Threadless now, but the print rate is pretty low. And seems harder to get printed. I guess I will start submiting my work here. If any one can compare DHB to Threadless I would appreciate. ^^ Thanks guys for the support untill now

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

All the rules and prizes of the DBH daily contest can be found here:
There is also a bunch of interesting and helpful info in the 101 section under submit.

Basically we have 4 winners every week and then a limited edition tee on Friday. Winners get $1000 cash prize and 6 free tees of their design.

Zadarkus Zadarkus Human from Portugal

Thank you for the info.
Got it clear now.
My doubt was about the “daily tshirt” and how it worked.
Seems to me that DHB will have a new “recruit” ^^

And congrats on the very helpful community ^^

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