DBH premium? Cut down on DBH perfect?

posted by 7sixes • 5 years ago

I’ve noticed that a lot of the recent shirts have been printed on the DBH premium…how do they compare to the DBH perfect?

I absolutely LOVE the DBH perfect tee and now I’m kind of disappointed to see that there are less now… :\

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DBHstaff DBHstaff Staff: Staff from California, United States

Hi 7sixes,

Yes the premium tee is becoming our main tee these days. Mainly because it is 100% cotton and it prints like a dream but also because of availability. The 50/50 is a nice shirt and we’ll be featuring some more blends very soon but the premium will be the most used.

7sixes 7sixes Artist from Minnesota, United States

Argggggg…I’ll have to order a few and see how I like the premiums. I freakin love the perfect tees.

kasun3006 kasun3006 Human from Sri Lanka

Two days ago I received my latest package from DBH including 2 Premiums and 2 50/50s. 50/50 has always been my favorite T-shirt style and had no problem with new two too, but to be honest, I’m little disappointed over other two Premiums, mainly because of the measurements of it. Specially the length of a Premium is greater than the same size 50/50 and it was really disappointing for me since I always wear DBH Ts with denims.
I hope DBH won’t stick only to Premiums, please do some with 50/50, the style we always loved, as well.

tdburn tdburn Human

The perfect tees really are perfect. The premium is nice but fits smaller than the 50/50, too small for me.

I’ve purchased 34 tees from DBH as much for the fit as the design. But until they release a similar shirt to the 50/50 again I probably can’t buy anymore because the comfort isn’t there for me.

adremeaux adremeaux Human

Just wanted to post here, I just got a couple new shirts in premium small and they don’t even come close to fitting. I’ve got 15 50/50s in small that fit perfectly, and the premiums are comparatively gigantic. I laid one down below a 50/50 and it is two inches longer and an inch wider on either side. No good.

Phil30 Phil30 Artist from Philippines

50/50 shirts are the best for me, print more designs on them…

XDot XDot Human from Greece

so are premium shirts bigger or smaller than perfect 50/50?

Phil30 Phil30 Artist from Philippines

premiums are bigger…

Katheebah Katheebah Artist from United States

50/50 are so good in my opinion, it’s part of the reason why I buy from here, it’s an unparalleled shirt quality

mcmacpattywhack mcmacpattywhack Human from Canada

Need to know this as well. I measured out a few of my favourite shirts from elsewhere that are a poly/cotton blend that fit like a dream, and according to sizing rubric on this site, I would fit a Large. I have a lot of trouble finding good fits with shirts (6’1, wide shoulders, slim waist). Anybody in my range that can help?
I have made orders elsewhere but have been shocked at how terrible the quality is, I’m hoping some people can vouch for DBH, especially for the Premium Cotton shirts because I love a lot of these designs.

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hi Folks,

Yes Premiums do come up a little bigger but that’s because they are 100% cotton and they shrink a little once washed, that is industry standard. We use 100% as much as possible because ink just takes to it better and prints pop more on that fabric. 50/50 feel great and our new blend selection in my opinion is amazing. At this price point I think we offer a very high standard blank here at DBH, it’s something we will not compromise on. Als we have amazing customer service which makes returns super easy.

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