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posted by johnwik • 5 years ago

What criteria is used to determine whether to use the “art” image or the “placement” image in the voting section?

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DBHstaff DBHstaff Staff: Staff from California, United States

The Art image was placed first to show the detail of the artwork. This decision made because most artwork looks better than the mock up images. If the art community prefer them switched it could be done.

Carli Carli Artist from Denmark

I would personally like to see them switched. I think the most of my artworks work better on tees than just as stand alone art. For instance my piece called Contemplating The Universe.

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States
Carli Carli Artist from Denmark

Alright, I will just do that on my next submission then, no problem :)

johnwik johnwik Artist from Minnesota, United States

Thank you for your reply.

Personally I’d like to see all designs presented on t-shirts because it’s the best way to get an impression of how they’ll look. I submitted placement images comparable to the one you provided as an example for all my designs, but none were used. They all look better in the placement image.

Here are the images I sent (a little grainy when posted at imageshack, but the originals are crisp and clean)



Peaceful Protester:

These present the work so much better than simply showing the art, and I’d assume it’s the same for much of the work shown here. What confounds me is that only a small percentage of submissions appear to be shown placed even though a placement image is required when submitting a design.

One of the things I like about DBH is the range of printing capabilities you have because you offer an opportunity to get really creative on what type of designs one can use, and how those designs can be placed. I’m new here, but I’ve already determined that it would be so much easier to vote if I could see how the artists place their designs upon the shirt.

A few in the running right now would be greatly enhanced if presented with a placement image:


This one is too youthful for me, but it’s a great design, my daughter would like it, and I’d love to see it placed: http://www.designbyhumans.com/vote/detail/93303

There’s also the fact that when we submit “artwork” images they have nothing on them to indicate who created them. Even though they’re not hi-res images they are posted on the web, which means that they’ll likely be passed around in cyberspace for time immemorial. If the placement images were shown it would provide a little protection for us artists because it wouldn’t be the complete work, and it’d have the DBH model in it indicating its relationship to a business.

For me, the “artwork” image would be most useful to DBH technicians as you can see exactly what you’ll be working with, but the “placement” image would be most useful for those voting because they can see what sort of shirt they’d be wearing.

Other than that, it’d be nice to be able to present each design with color variations, but I’d be happy just being able to show my work on a shirt.

Thank you again for responding. I like it here and am excited to design more submissions – I’d just like to see my work (and the work of other artists) presented as effectively as possible.


wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

There are placement images for all of the designs you listed. You have to click the “placement” button in blue on the right of the design.

johnwik johnwik Artist from Minnesota, United States


That helps.

Thanks for pointing out the obvious.

Is there any way to ensure my placement thumbnail gets used? The thumbs I submitted were created from the placement, but all were changed to artwork…

johnwik johnwik Artist from Minnesota, United States

This is starting to make more sense to me now that I’m aware of the placement button. My own fault for not paying attention, but I’m much more interested in art/design than text so I tend to blank out externalities on occasion.

It seems what artists do to get the placement image shown as the thumbnail and default image is submit two placement images.

If this is acceptable I suppose I’ll do the same, though I do see the value in providing both. It would be great if the placement image was the default and the artwork was the secondary link, but perhaps I’m in the minority with that belief.

One last question: Do you mind if I place a small watermark on my images?

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

You can place a watermark of signature but if your design is chosen will have to be removed.

johnwik johnwik Artist from Minnesota, United States

Cool – thanks for helping me out wotto!

biotwist biotwist Artist from new jersey, United States

I wish DBH wasn’t so stubborn about this. sure i can put a small thumbnail of the shirt on the front but then what is the point of a large display of the placement? why not use it to show a closeup of the art?

remixversion remixversion Human from United States

oh cool

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States


addu addu Artist from Maharashtra, India

I had switched the art and placement images for my sub before the change came so this backfires for me, but its nice move I also prefer seeing the placement 1st.

johnwik johnwik Artist from Minnesota, United States

Thank you wotto! :)

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