New site feedback & issues thread

posted by 7sixes • 6 years ago


I think we need to start a thread to help out DBH perfect this KICK BUTT website!! Post your feedback AND problems you have run into while using it!


1) When you go to Profile > Gallery you can’t click printed shirts and get to shop site to buy the printed shirt. It only brings you to the previous voting link. The only way to find click on your prints are by looking in your profile at your Recent Prints…but that only shows two.

2) If you go to Submit > Design Guide and click on the templates, they do not load. (Mathiole spotted this)

3) Click Preview to preview a post and it does not show anything.


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XDot XDot Human from Greece

oh lol..didnt notice :P

XDot XDot Human from Greece

those thumb ups mean votes now right?
one suggestion:can we have sort option by votes and comments on vote page?

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