How major is the difference in size between DBH Perfect and American Apparel?

posted by AvivB8 • 6 years ago

Hey guys, I ordered a lot of shirts from DBH but somehow everyone of them was DBH Perfect Tee and never the American Apparel kind..

I checked out the size chart but I want to hear it from you guys, just want to know the differences in quality and most important in size.. i’m XXL, and some “Perfect” XXL shirts are a little bit big on me and some are fitting exactly.. how much bigger is the Apparel shirt? should I get XL maybe? a “Perfect” XL for example fits me but it’s just too tight so I’m getting XXL.

half a inch in width isn’t something critical but the length, is it critical? you know how it is sometimes the charts are not reflecting exactly the truth, sometimes the shirts are just way bigger\smaller.
would love to hear your opinions to help me pick out a size..

Thanks in advance guys..

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DBHstaff DBHstaff Staff: Staff from California, United States

Hi there!

Our size chart is accurate for the most part. We just did a measurement test on both 50/50 and AA shirts for you and it read true. However, please note that our shirts do have a standard deviation of -/+ 1 inch from our size chart. If the measurement is less or more than the standard deviation, it is considered a defect. So if that ever happens please contact and they can assist you further with that issue.

AvivB8 AvivB8 Human from Israel

I asked for people’s opinion not for what the size chart says, thanks anyway, this thread was opened cause of the “deviation” that I suffered a lot from and I wanted to know from actual buyers how big is the difference between the two kinds of shirts.

AvivB8 AvivB8 Human from Israel


7sixes 7sixes Artist from Minnesota, United States

From my experience the American Apparel shirts are a bit smaller than the perfect tees. I’ll probably end up buying larges for AA and mediums for Perfect tees…

I’m a smaller guy, but the mediums in both the DBH Perfect and the AA tee fit me rather well. I just tried them both on, and it’s honestly hard to find any significant difference. The AA seems to be a bit “looser” in the torso area. The length difference is present, but it truly is unnoticeable. And it’s definitely got a heavier feel to it than the DBH Perfect does.

Personally, I think if you went down a size just for the AA tee, it would be much more of a difference than if you just stayed at your current size. Keep in mind that you can also use shrinkage to your advantage if it’s a bit big.

Side-note: DBH has one of the best online size charts that I’ve seen. I always find it difficult to pick out shirts online, but their size chart reflects the actual product so well. Thanks, DBH!


AvivB8 AvivB8 Human from Israel

Thank you very much guys.. although i’m still not sure what to think of the differences.

thestray thestray Artist from United States

I wear a size small, but I give DBH shirts as gifts a lot. My brother gets XL, in both AA and the Perfect tee, I don’t notice a difference and he’s never complained or asked me to get a different size so… shrug

Although you’re skeptical, I’d just recommended trusting the sizing chart, and if the shirt is way off from what you expected return it?

AvivB8 AvivB8 Human from Israel

I’ve experienced some really f’d up “deviations” with a couple of shirts that were way bigger than what the usual XXL size is, and i’m talking about “perfect” only.. if i’ll return it who’s the one paying for the shipping of the shirt back to the states? still losing money over it, so i’ll just make it an home shirt that you walk around the house with, it’s a risk you take with like every 1 out of 5 shirts that’ll be way off with the size.. in my case they were obviously like a size bigger than the others, and it happened about 2-3 times..

So knowing that risk, and that the AA are bigger, i’m kinda skeptical cause the AA shirt that i’m getting is one that I really want to enjoy and fit well.. anyway i’ll get it this week and hopefully it’ll be great.

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hello AvivB8,

Sorry to hear that you are having some issues with the sizes of some of our shirts. The 1 inch difference from color to color within a blank set is very normal across the industry. I personally wear an XL because all tees seem to shrink down a little when I wash them and I do not like my tees snug. 100% cotton also has a tendency to shrink a little more too. Personally I love the American Apparel fit and I’m guessing that shirt would fit you pretty good (just wash it cold and no dryer).
Also if you have a tee you think is a defect, lay it out next to a good sized tee and take a picture. If the ‘deviation’ is larger than an inch then it is a defect and we will be happy to replace it, shipping and all.

I hope this helps and I’d like to hear how the AA works out for you.

AvivB8 AvivB8 Human from Israel

I don’t have problems with shrinking, the thing is that let’s say I get 5 shirts? there’s always one that’s huge and way bigger than the others, the amazing “A Paper Boat” is a shirt that I wear to sleep cause of it’s size.. but for the price of it I guess the risk is cool with me, i’m going to order 4 shirts tommorow and I hope the one I care most about won’t be the one that’s way bigger for whatever reason.

I’m a hard guy to satisfy I guess and I got a lot of criticism about certain things but still it’s good to see the staff’s reaction to this threads so thank you for it, and if it’ll happen I’ll upload a pic but I really hope and believe it won’t..

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