Dye Fade?!

posted by Karyn2002 • 6 years ago

Ok, so I own Black Hole Sun and Caspian Tiger. I washed them with some white tank tops in preparation for moving on Friday, and all of a sudden my two white DBH shirts have yellow “fading” on them? I had used the washer the load before to wash colors and noticed no issues. I’m not sure if the yellow from BHS bled on other stuff or what the issue is, but both are out of stock so I really don’t want to exchange them (this was only the second time wearing either). Anyone have any experience dealing with/removing faded dyes?

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Intrepid Intrepid Artist

I’ve never really had this problem with any of my tees. When I first opened the package with Thunderbird by S8Worx it looked like the model shot, as if it were glowing. But after the first and second wash, although it still looks awesome, it lost that vibrance. It’s only tee that I’ve ever seen such a decrease in only 1 or 2 washes, but that might be because it was the most vibrant tee I ever owned haha…

Karyn2002 Karyn2002 Human from United States

Yeah, unfortunately this definitely appears that the yellow in the BHS design wasn’t set all the way, or that there was excess dye or something, because that was the only yellow in that washer. I’d love any help from domestic gods or goddess!

smitten_kitten smitten_kitten Human from United States

You’ve probablly already eliminated the dye by now, but here are my two cents. Rewash the affected shirts and add a small amount of color safe bleach to the load (assuming the tank tops are cotton) is probably your best bet. Commercial stain removers, aren’t always effective for dye stains, in my oppinion. Also, presoaking in diluted detergent would be my first attempt, but only immediately after the wash, and not after the item has dried (so that’s not helpful in your case).

Not sure if it’s helpful since you said this doesn’t happen often, but one preventative tip for the future is to try the Tide Color Catcher sheets. They work amazingly well at preventing dye transfer in the wash.

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