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Mr. Herman FreshFauxx aka DHECtwenty Lee

Mr. Herman FreshFauxx Learning from the PastHerman Lee aka FreshFauxx aka dhectwenty is a graphic designer who is based in Hong Kong, but spent most of his life in Toronto, Canada. He is one of our top printed designers with 8 prints for DBH. His client list boasts many big hitters including; Urban Outfitters, 410BC, Advanced Photoshop Magazine and several bands. I took a few minutes of his time to ask him some rather interesting questions.

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Q: Hi Herman, tell me what living in Hong kong is like, how does it compare to Canada?

A: The major difference I found is the speed difference between the two. In Hong Kong, everything is done faster compared to Canada, especially people. People work, talk, eat, walk faster in Hong Kong. No jokes! Oh, and the winter is more bearable here in Hong Kong.

Q: What projects are you currently working on? When will you find time to submit to DBH again? We miss you.

A: I’m working on some iPhone cases with a couple of partners, designed in some pretty bold colors. Hopefully we can launch it around Chinese New Year. I’m still submitting to DBH, but not as often as in previous years. I’m still waiting for my first design chosen for print by you guys in 2010, haha. Hopefully my luck will fare better in 2011 ;)

Dhectwenty Blood Diamond
Q: Do you freelance full-time or do you have a day job too, if so what is it?

A: Yup, I do indeed have a full time job, and I handle my freelance work at night. I’m currently a graphic designer at a local fashion company called CLOT. I handle pretty much all graphic related items, such as tees, posters, look books, backdrops, packing, etc.

Q: Your style has had some changes over the years from striking colors to more subtle muted colors, I like both. Was it an intentional move or just a natural progression?

A: I would say it’s a natural progression, which I never really noticed until you pointed it out. I guess when I started; I don’t pay much attention to the color palette I choose. Whereas, I’m really picky about the colors I’m going to use, going by the motto of less is more.

Q: Migratory Pattern is one of our best selling tees and one of my personal favorite shirts. Tell me how the design came to be, what is your process?

A: It was totally random, haha. I was working on a school project in illustrator, was playing around with the duplicate and blend tool, and somehow I created this wonderful pattern out of nowhere, just by messing around. And that’s how Migratory Pattern was born. I don’t think I’m able to make the same exact pattern ever again.

Q: You have a good eye for composition and layout, did you have formal training or are you self taught?

A: I studied Graphic Design majoring in Advertising at Toronto’s George Brown College.

Q: When you’re not designing T-shirts and generally not being creative, what do you get up to?

A: Football/Soccer. I’m a crazy football fanatic. I just stayed up and watch the Manchester United VS Arsenal game until 6 in the morning the other day. Also I play football weekly, but I torn my ACL a few months ago, so no football for at least till the new year.

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Q: If I asked you to name an apparel designer who you consider to be an inspiration who would spring to mind?

A: Whoever is working over at Supreme.

Q: Which of the 8 printed designs you have at DBH is your favorite and why?

A: The Source, definitely. The design looks 100x better printed. Multi-color wraparound, embroidery?!

Q: If you could give new designers a few words of wisdom what would they be?

A: Be humble.

Q: Finally, If you had to choose Madonna or Michael Jackson to be the soundtrack to your life which would it be?

MJ no doubt.


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